Sunday, December 25, 2011

Power of love

I fell under the spell
Cupid arrow hit my heart

                  It transformed me to a new man
                  She brought the best in me


       No more self destructive thoughts or actions
       No more time wasted in  hesitation

                        Together we defeated the monster of pessimism
                        We sailed to the shores of happiness
                         in the ship of trust and cooperation
                         while braving the unknown oceans of doubt 

A new life with her is waiting
Always sunshine in her paradise


Sunday, October 9, 2011

A middle class man’s tale

Remember in the time When I was in my prime
I didn’t have a dime
But I was happy
Now it’s my time
But I am in the autumn of life  
We are no longer together
But, I have lots of money
Before, I felt bullet proof
I could shoot through the roof
But I was broke
With no car, I had long distance to walk
Now I have the means
My body is aching
My heart is failing
But, I have a new car
Before, I could run
To your arms & have fun
Now I have got diabetes & a stroke
 And with a cane I walk
Now I have the kids & the wife
I am alive with no life
I take pills to have sex but I feel no love

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Miss September

She left again
Summer becomes autumn
Sunshine becomes gloom
The leaves have fallen
The trees are barren
My life is empty

Then she comes back
She puts light in my life
The spring arrives
Everything become green
She always leaves to be back
She blooms on time

Change is the essence of life
Change makes life interesting
If water stays still it becomes rancid
If the tree does not shed its leafs, it will die
If people do not change, they will not evolve

Motion is life while stillness is death

Monday, June 13, 2011

Being Single

Being single is not waiting
For a partner to fill a void
nor about spending time lamenting failures
nor about being a prisoner of past memories
Being single is not a Facebook status
  beaming to the universe the need for attention 
so Martians or Venetians can take you as a mate
nor being afraid of the loneliness fate
Being single is not a cause of shame
Even if your partner left you
Do not waste your life in blame
Enjoy life to the fullest
Being single is a state of independence
Being single is freedom from commitment
Being brave to leave an abusive relashionship
Being honest to abandon unfulfilled partnership
Being single is a celebration
of falling in love with yourself
of doing things you love the most
of facing your inner ghost of self doubt
Being single is being a whole without a partner
Being single is being self complete

Monday, June 6, 2011

Who am I

Do'nt ask about am I
I am not my ancestors
I am more than a dead civilization

I am glory and humiliation
I am good & bad
I am assertiveness & hesitation

A human being trying to transcend
the walls of stereotypes and hate
A human trying to learn and comprehend

Breaking the  walls of ignorance
Defeating the ghost of fear
Learning to humble my arrogance

 Refusing to be prisoner of the past
Rejecting  biased arguments against logic
Looking for a brighter future

Responsible for myself & my destination
Knowing my strengths & weaknesses
Seeking more knowledge & education

Monday, May 30, 2011

For public protection

It should be illegal for some to wear a bikini
She looked like a giant zucchini
Coming from a horror movie
The man eater
The milliclien man net his match
All these folds in one batch
Look at that giant belly
How pudgie is that jelly
She weights more that a ton 
But who says she can't have fun
Why the over exposure
Why lose dignity and composure
Omar the tent maker made her swim suit
from a fabric meant for a parachute
When jumping in water she made a splash
She tumbled like a giant quash

Saturday, May 28, 2011

On paul the Ryan budget

This is not a poem about love for a whore
or a woman I met the night before
or concerns the sexy girl next door
This is about democracy
or  autocracy
or theocracy
No  media coverage of poverty plaguing the nation
or corporate greed in every situation
or corrupt clergy selling salvation
There is an overburdened health care
No politician could dare
face the lobbyist attempting to gut medicare
Balancing the budget on the back of the poor
Not closing tax evasion back door
Helping companies to send jobs offshore
Outspending the whole world on defense
Does that even make sense?
The military is always on the offense
First Halt corporate teat
Bailing out fat cats on wall street
While many families have junk food to eat
Next election people will get out & vote
People will remember and take a note 
about politicians who sunk this boat